Women's World Cup heads into grand finale

mmoamcom | 01 July, 2019 00:51

FIFA 19 Web App Accounts After 22 days of footballing action FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 finally has its final four -- US England Netherlands and Sweden who will fight it out on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Television audience records have been smashed global media coverage has been unprecedented and the quality of football has won over many sceptics The match-up that will capture the most attention will be the direct confrontation between Rapinoe on the American left wing and Lucy Bronze England’s powerful and gifted right wing-back whose thundering strike against Norway was a highlight of the tournament.

But Sweden showed against Germany that their direct counter-attacking style is highly effective and their coach Peter Gerhardsson is not satisfied yet.– now the women’s World Cup heads into its final week buy FIFA 19 Mule Account the business end of the tournament.

What fills veterans of the women’s game with such confidence for the future is the sight of so many young female supporters in the crowds school-age players who idolise the international footballers.

The Netherlands are in their maiden World Cup semi-final and will look to their in-form striker Vivienne Miedema a 22-year-old who has scored 61 goals in 80 games for her country and is one of three members of the side playing in England for Arsenal.

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