EA Sports Unveil First Gameplay Trailer of New VOLTA Mode

mmoamcom | 10 August, 2019 04:06

FIFA 20 Account FIFA 20 promises to be one of the most exciting releases in the series to date and the introduction of the VOLTA mode - similar to the older FIFA Street games - is a huge reason why.

In “Volta League” players can face off against other teams online while “Kick off Mode” will allow gamers to use the biggest players from the top clubs and compete in the streets. Different match types will also be offered up including Rush Keepers Street with Keepers Futsal Survival buy FUT 20 Accounts No Rules and First to X.

In the VOLTA game mode players will be able to score with 'kneeling headers'. EA Sports describe it as a 'unique finishing move' but lets be honest it's going to result in a lot of broken controllers. To execute the kneeling header you'll need to press L2+R2 + push RS forward on PS4. That's LT + RT + RS forward on Xbox One.

There are a number of game options as well. Fans can choose to play smaller three-a-side matches or stretch up to five-a-side as they take on squads from the likes of Real Madrid Tottenham Hotspur and the United States Women's national team.

Additionally a special “Tour” mode will allow players to journey to different locations all over the world including the bustling metropolises of Tokyo Amsterdam New York Cape Town Mexico City Rome Paris and many more.

The new details were confirmed earlier this week when FIFA 20's VOLTA mode was announced in detail. provide best guide for FIFA 20 Account in the world. If you want to enhance your gameplay and squad rating just follow us.5% coupon:amvip


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