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mmoamcom | 01 November, 2019 00:56

buy WOW Classic Gold One of the most important video game fairs is coming. At the end of the week the Blizzcon 2019 is celebrated where the well-known company will present new games and projects for this coming year.

During these last days we have heard many rumors about what Blizzard could be keeping under his sleeve for this Blizzcon 2019. Today we have new information that could have revealed new content.

Overwatch 2 has starred in a few rumors about its possible announcement at the fair and seems to be one of the games that could be announced. On the other hand World of Warcraft one of the most important and well-known videogames on the planet has also gained prominence with this leak.

On the Blizzard Gear website several images have been leaked that could have revealed new details about the company's future projects. On the one hand there has been an image of Overwatch in which you can see several known heroes and one that buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold cheapcould be the omnico hero that would arrive at the game.

On the other hand they have revealed that World of Warcraft Shadowlands could be the next big expansion of the game. Something these leaked images seem to have revealed.

Overwatch 2 is the most talked about so far and here we have reviewed all the information so far. Remember that Diablo 4 is another of the new deliveries that would be presented at this week's event.

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